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about Son and Heir Apparel

It's all pretty simple.
When you have a passion for both sports history and vintage clothing…
and when you feel that the majority of existing clothing lines
trying to combine those two things is either way over-priced or
horribly goofy… you start your own line of clothing.

And thus... Son and Heir Apparel.

From our humble Fall 2006 launch throughout future expansion...
we aim to be a line of original, vintage-inspired sports fanwear
that manages to balance out not only a reverence for the past with
modern wearability, but high-quality design with an affordable price.

As for the name... on a personal level, Son and Heir honors
my own father, who passed away in the fall of 2005.
And in a self-referential way, it also brings in my first
business name, misterShankly -- both referencing the British band The Smiths.

Son and Heir Apparel is a proud, independent, small business.
One that was founded, is owned, and is operated by one person.
And it is proudly based in Chicago.

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