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legal stuff... the easier, non-yappity-yap way

collected information

When you place an order... well, we just kinda have to collect some info.
(ie - your name, email, shipping address, etc.)
But we do not whatsoever know your credit card information...
because all financial transactions for SonHeir.com are performed
via Google Checkout or PayPal (both extremely safe and secure.)

And if you sign up for our email newsletter, or use the contact form,
or participate in a contest, or post a comment in our blog...
well, we'll obviously get basic/non-financial info from that.

And sure, we use some harmless Google Analytics code to gather some info.
Like your choice of browser and the pages at which you have looked.

Seriously... we're harmless. And we're not spying.
And we're not sharing any info with anyone.
We're just doing what every retail web site in the world has to do.

To reiterate... nothing gets shared.
And nothing is used for any purpose other than getting
your order out or getting in touch upon your request.
Pinky swear.


Our names, our pictures, our code, our ideas, our witticisms.
They're ours. So don't go stealing 'em. Or else.

(But if you want to grab a picture to nicely link into the site...
go right ahead. Because we trust you. And love you.)


If your girlfriend or boyfriend breaks up with you while
you're wearing one of our shirts... it's not our fault.

If you max out your credit card on our site... it's not our fault.

If your team loses a playoff game, one to which you
wore one of our shirts... it's not our fault.

If you look at/use SonHeir.com on your iPhone while walking down the
sidewalk and trip on a crack and break your elbow.. it's not our fault.

I think you get the idea.

site availability

We cannot guarantee on Mickey Mantle's grave that
we'll be online and super-speedy 100 percent of the time.
But we'll be awesome about 99.786 percent of the time, just
like any other normal site found within the modern internets.


Both visually and descriptively, we've made every effort
to accurately describe our products' colors.
But we know your monitor may be different than ours.
But it's not like we offer 4 shades of periwinkle.
For the most part, navy blue means navy blue.

outside links

SonHeir.com may contain links to other web sites.
And those sites are obviously not under our control.
But it's not like we're purposely gonna cause trouble
for you at work or when you're on wifi at the coffee shop.


Son and Heir Apparel and SonHeir.com are not affiliated with, endorsed by,
nor official licensees of any professional, amateur, or academic
organizations/leagues (including former or current players within these groups).
This includes, but is not limited to : MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA.
And we make no official or unofficial claims to have any said ties. At all.


Just by being here at SonHeir.com (whether you're reading this or not),
and being of sound mind and body and believing there ought to be a
Constitutional amendment outlawing AstroTurf and the designated hitter
and all that fancy throwback jazz... you're cool with everything, right?

Have any questions or concerns not addressed here?
Please contact us.

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