frequently asked questions

are my payments secure?
Yes, always. Payments are made via the very secure servers of Google Checkout or PayPal - and Son and Heir Apparel never lays an eye on your personal account information, other than your shipping address, of course. Please see the payment page for more details.

gosh darn, this thing doesn't fit. can i exchange it?
If it's a brand new original, then yes. If it's vintage, no. Please see the policies page for more details.

what about returns?
Same answer as above - yes to originals, no to vintage. Please see the policies page for more details.

when will i receive my order? and what about costs?
Orders will leave our Chicago location usually within 2 business days of your payment. Domestic delivery is via USPS Priority Mail -- which takes 2 or 3 days, depending on how far you are from Chicago and whether you are rural or urban. International delivery is via Airmail Letter Post -- which usually takes a week to ten days. And please click here to see the rate chart.

how are your items sized?
All styles and designs can vary a bit, so please click on the sizing link on each respective product page to see the measurements. And vintage items are based on the actual measurements, not by what is listed on the tag. Please see the sizing page for more details.

Son and Heir Apparel? i don't get it.
The company name is several things... a reference to my father, a reference to The Smiths, a silly play-on-words, and a general nod to the family tradition of sports. Find out a bit more here.

is it really windy in Chicago?
The term "windy city" is actually a political reference and does not refer to the weather at all. The wind blows here just like it blows in your city or town.

will the Cubs ever again win the World Series?
They will win it in the year 2015, just as Back to the Future II predicted. And they won't win it at Wrigley... they'll win it at their new stadium Winfrey Field (named after Oprah Winfrey, the free-spending owner)... which will be located on a newly-created landfill island just off the Lake Michigan shoreline.

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